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About Peer Advisory

Vistage has distinguished itself for its proven ability to help great leaders set new standards of professional excellence through its Peer Advisory Groups. Executives the world-over have praised their Vistage Peer Advisory experience, credited for helping them to meet previously unreachable goals.

Peer Advisory Groups consist of a roundtable of similarly qualified professionals, who come together to share experiences, exchange ideas, problem solve and collaborate. It is a forum that encourages learning, growth, and exploration of every day professional challenges.

Through honest dialogue, participants in Peer Advisory Groups achieve a high level of trust and a greater understanding of themselves and one another. Their listening, communication, and execution skills improve, carrying over to positively impact their everyday executive performance.

What are the Benefits of Peer Advisory?

  • Receive advice from a group of professionals rather than trying to “go it alone”
  • Work through your concerns with others who have walked in your shoes 
  • Leverage the expertise of others without competing
  • Be challenged by others whose only agenda is success
  • Share your ideas and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from influencing other professionals
  • Debate solutions in a non-threatening environment
  • Find strength in a community of like-minds
  • Discuss topics led by a Chair who can ensure fairness and accountability
  • Grow from the exposure to a diverse range of professional experiences

What Peer Advisory is Not…

Participation in a Vistage Peer Advisory Group is an opportunity in which to develop professionally. Here is a brief list of what Peer Advisory is NOT:

  • A forum to exclusively network or sell your products
  • A classroom-style setting where participation is passive
  • An environment for someone who has all the answers already
  • An arena for those unwilling to receive constructive criticism
  • An activity for anyone concerned about the costs of such a program

Ultimately, the decision to join a Peer Advisory Group is a commitment to bring out the best in yourself by drawing on the strengths of others. If the opportunity to engage with a room full of talented individuals with unique skills fits into your action plan for professional development, consider becoming a member in one of Larry’s Vistage groups today. 

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