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About Vistage

Vistage International is a world-renowned Executive Coaching and Peer Advisory organization with affiliates in 15 countries around the world. Vistage works with CEOs, business owners and key executives, enabling them to become better leaders, broaden their capacity to influence others, and achieve better results for their individual businesses.

Vistage unites members with a common goal of achieving success through leadership development. By joining Vistage, members commit to professional development and to improving their business over the long term. Members meet on a monthly basis to participate in a professionally facilitated group.

Vistage brings participants into a deep learning environment, where they share experiences, gain insights and new perspectives, and experience professional and personal development.  Groups are open to results-driven executives that share a passion for achieving excellence, hard work, self-reflection, learning, and collaboration. The result is a truly dynamic professional development environment, built on shared momentum.  

A Vistage group will challenge, engage and inspire individuals from all ends of the business world, whether they be CEOs, regional presidents or small-business owners.

Vistage offers a variety of groups to optimize participation. These include:

Chief Executives: This is a group of highly strategic thinkers who seek advancement, opportunity and new ways to learn and grow. CEOs of non-competing organizations come together to ask the hard questions, share their perspectives and support each other. It is a sounding board, think tank, best practice producer, and place where chief executives can be vulnerable, open and honest with those who live and breathe the same realities.

Key Executives: In this group, key executives look to maximize their potential to achieve success in every aspect of their executive function. From leadership, to communication, to working in-synch with their CEOs and everything in between, like-minded group members learn to align their professional objectives with those of their businesses. 

Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs: This group is comprised of entrepreneurs and small business owners who have reached a certain degree of success in their business, but wish to take things to a whole new level. Participants learn to move from working in their business to working on their business, to examine opportunities, and benefit from the successes and failures of others who have faced similar challenges.

Trusted Advisors: This group is filled with those trusted advisors on whom CEOs, Key Executives and Small Business Owners rely. These professionals are experts in their own fields, plus have a unique and learned perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing business leaders today.

The Vistage experience is geared towards the success and benefit of all of its members by sharing ideas and experiences, and by merging talent with more talent. If you are ready take your business to the next level and to become tomorrow’s great leader, Vistage is ready to hear from you.

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