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Before you decide to become a member of one of Larry’s Vistage groups, it’s important to know a bit more about Larry Hart’s unique brand of coaching and the environment he creates for his members. Here are a few highlights of what Larry demands of all of his participants:

  • Be willing to change, or find a different use of your time
  • Accept feedback from Larry and the rest of the group
  • Prepare to be taken to task when necessary
  • Prepare to sometimes “do battle”
  • Embrace learning and new ideas
  • Be accountable
  • Come to meetings prepared, and work hard during group sessions
  • Accept honest, unfiltered feedback that is given with your success in mind
  • Prepare to expose your problems, weaknesses, and vulnerabilities
  • Respect the confidentiality and individuality of fellow members
  • Be willing to leave your comfort zone behind
  • Understand that nothing is off-limits
  • Prepare to occasionally laugh at yourself
  • Be willing to make some lifelong friends along the way

Let there be no misconceptions. Not every session will be a picnic. Members need to be prepared for anything – especially the change that comes from challenging yourself to reach greater heights. If you are truly ready to maximize the opportunities that come from self-reflection and debate, openness, honesty, hard work and constructive criticism, Larry Hart is the person who can take you where you need to go. Call Larry to find out how you can take yourself to higher ground.

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