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#2 - 10 Suprising Social Media FactsFast Company: “10 Surprising Social Media Statistics That Will Make You Rethink Your Social Strategy”

Even if they’re not “socially” active online, it is essential for leaders to appreciate the complexity, and constant changes of the social media world. Articles like this one from Fast Company, Nov. 2013, make it easy.

#2 - It's Not A Fair Fight If You're The CEOFast Company: “It’s Not a Fair Fight If You’re the CEO”

Reflections on leadership from Marshall Goldsmith, corporate coach and founding director of the Alliance for Strategic Leadership. From Fast Company, Dec. 2004

HBR New Member's AreaHBR: “How Women Respond To Frustration And Why”

Reflections on gender distinctions from Kathryn Heath, principle at Flynn Health Holt Leadership and author. From Harvard Business Review, Nov. 5, 2013

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The Atlantic: Why Women Still Can't Have It AllThe Atlantic: “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All”

“The women who have managed to be both mothers and top professionals are super-human, rich or self-employed…. Here’s what has to change.” By Anne-Marie Slaughter, from The Atlantic, July/August 2012

The Atlantic: The End Of MenThe Atlantic: “The End of Men”

“What if equality isn’t the end-point? What if modern, post-industrial society is simply better suited to women?” By Hanna Rosin, from The Atlantic, July / August 2010

The Economist: Women In The WorkforceThe Economist: “Female Power”

“Across the rich world, more women are working than ever before. Coping with this change will be one of the greatest challenges of the coming decade.” From the Economist, Dec. 30, 2009

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Fast Company: Gospels Of FailureFast Company : “Gospels of Failure”

Lessons to be learned from the “great organizational calamities of our age.” By Jenna McGregor, from Fast Company, Feb. 2005

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Fast Company: Why We Hate HRFast Company: “Why We Hate HR”

“Why do human resources do such a bad job? And how can we fix it?” By Keith H. Hammonds, from Fast Company, Aug. 2005

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The New Yorker: Annals of Innovation - How David Beats GoliathThe New Yorker: “Annals of Innovation – How David Beats Goliath” 

“When underdogs break the rules.” By Malcolm Gladwell, from the New Yorker May 11, 2009

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Fast Company: Leadership Is A MuscleFast Company: “Leadership is a Muscle”

“How is your attitude affecting your success?” By Chip Heath and Dan Heath, from Fast Company, Aug. 2007

Fast Company: Nice Guys Can Finish FirstFast Company: “Nice Guys Can Finish First”

Reflections on leadership from Marshall Goldsmith, corporate coach and founding director of the Alliance for Strategic Leadership. From Fast Company, Nov. 2004

#13 - Qualities That Distinguish Women Leaders White PaperQualities that Distinguish Women Leaders 

“I believe this study shows that for a woman to have become a leader today, she had to fight harder against the status quo, which requires her to be more focused and determined.” – Mara Swan, Chief People Offices for Molson Coors. Study by Caliper – Solutions for Peak Performance.

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Nightly Reading

Handling Traumatic EventsHandling Traumatic Events

A handbook outlining strategies to prepare for suicides, assaults, threats, natural disasters and more. From the United States Office of Personnel Management, Office of Workforce Relations, Dec. 1996

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Dan Pink To Sell Is HumanDan Pink: “To Sell Is Human. The Surprising Truth About Moving Others”

In advance of the publication of his book, Dan Pink spoke about some of its core concepts at the Business of Software Conference. This hour-long video of his presentation appeared on the Conference’s website in Dec. 2012. Make time for this one!

Inc: The Art of Hiring 10'sInc.: “The Art of Hiring 10’s”

“Why new recruits may not be as sharp as the people you used to hire.” By I. Martin Jacknis, Inc. Oct 1987

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 4.04.29 PMInc: “Multiple Choice”

“Why your salespeople should have not one, not two, but three objectives every time they make a call.” By I. Martin Jacknis, From Inc. Dec.1987

Return On Customer“Fast Company: Customers Don’t Grow On Trees”

“The problem is that treating customers as a scarce resource is an incredibly subversive idea.” By Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, July 1 2005

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